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Destination:  Bermuda

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About Bermuda
Located 775 miles southeast of New York in the Atlantic Ocean, the long, curving archipelago of more than one hundred islands comprises Englandís well-heeled Crown Colony. The seven principal islands are linked by causeways and bridges which give the impression of one lush body of land surrounded by picturesque islets and reefs.

Play a round of golf on one of six world-class golf courses.
Lounge on pink-sand beaches.
Shop for bargains and sample local cuisine in King's Wharf.
Bike the Bermuda Railway Trail in Hamilton.
Kayak through the Paradise Lakes.
Troll for blue marlin on a deep-sea fishing adventure.
Learn more about Bermuda. Visit the official Bermuda Tourism web site.
Areas of Interest
This charming port is quintessential Bermuda, with pastel buildings and businessmen bustling around in their jackets, ties and famous shorts. From here, you can set sail to see the more than 350 islands that make up Bermuda. Or grab a game of golf at one of six world-class golf courses in this area.

If the Buildings Are This Colorful, Imagine the Rest...

King's Wharf
This cultural center built at the remarkable Royal Naval Dockyard offers shopping, restaurants, art galleries, craft markets and eight wonderful museums. For water-lovers it also offers a snorkel park and an extensive watersports facility, making it an excellent destination for the whole family.
St. George
In the oldest inhabited town of English origin in the New World, you'll find yourself surrounded by history. Visit the Old State House, constructed in 1620, and Gates Fort, built by the original settlers on the shipwrecked Sea Venture, which dates back to 1609. Or set out on a walking tour beginning on Ordinance Island and explore the cobbled streets in town.
What to Pack
Days onboard are casual and you'll be most comfortable in sport clothes and resort wear. Shoes should be low-heeled for deck activities. Bring a few swimsuits so you'll always have a dry one. You don't have to bring towels, as they are provided. And don't forget your camera and binoculars, so you don't miss a thing.

For evening wear, count on three basic types of attire:
Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men.
Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men.
Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men (you can arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard).

Ashore, you'll need comfortable walking shoes as well as a hat and sunscreen for protection from the sun.

Nearly 600 nautical miles off the coast of North Carolina, this island is known for its pastel painted houses, brilliantly colored gardens, cricket matches and charming shorts. Its pink-sand beaches, excellent shopping, and proximity to the U.S. make it an ideal destination for a getaway cruise vacation.

Bermuda was not inhabited until 1609 when the Sea Venture foundered here on a reef. Her crew struggled ashore and remained for about one year before resuming their journey to Virginia. In 1612 a charter was granted by King James I to the Virginia Company, but in 1684 Charles II dissolved the charter and Bermuda became a royal colony.

Today the archipelago remains a Crown Colony of the United Kingdom. The capital and port of Hamilton is a leading offshore business center with over 6,200 companies registered. The main attractions, however, are the islandís temperate climate, pink sand beaches, pastel homes and bucolic landscapes that draw thousands of visitors every year to this idyllic spot in the Atlantic Ocean.

Less than half of Bermuda's nearly 150 tiny islands are actually big enough to build a house on. The archipelago's seven largest islands are connected by bridges or causeways, and the subsequent body of land is divided into nine parishes, each with its own personality and attractions. St. George's Parish anchors the East End and Sandyís Parish the West End, and the capital city of Hamilton sits in between.

Bermuda's seven principal islands have been completely tamed. Its 21 square miles are almost suburban in character, with pastel-colored cottages fronted by manicured lawns. Even the natural landscape is unremarkable compared to some of the other islands; for example, you will not find the rain forests or mountains that are characteristic of Puerto Rico on this island. But just offshore and beneath the water's surface is a fantasy like seascape made up of the world's northernmost coral reefs. The coral's brilliant colors and exotic shapes attract scores of snorkelers, scuba divers, and glass-bottom boats. Ground coral mixed in with grains of sand create Bermuda's renowned pink beaches.

Bermuda's culture is exceptionally civilized a direct influence of its English heritage. Cricket the national game, the judges wear white wigs and tea is served every afternoon in this self-governing British colony. In the interest of maintaining the island's serenity, the maximum speed limit for motorized vehicles is 20 MPH. And because of its tiny size, rental cars are not allowed on Bermuda. The pink public buses, however, are convenient and economical, as are the ferries that cross the Great Sound. If public transportation does not appeal to you, hail one of the island's taxi drivers, commonly referred to as Bermuda's "ambassadors of goodwill." To explore the island on your own, scooters, mopeds, and bicycles are available for rent. The roads, however, are narrow and winding, and often lined with stone walls - and don't forget that the people here drive on the left side of the street, English style.

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