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Meet Dan & Molly, they operate the Dockside Cafe down by the harbor in St.Pierre on the French Island of Nautique.  This local watering hole is the central gathering place for travelers from around the world who are looking for lively conversation, want to spin a yarn or two and share their cruising experiences.

Dan's an adventurous sort, kinda rough around the edges with many a tale to tell. Spent 20 years in the Navy.


Last served on the U.S.S.Theodore Roosevelt. You know, that big aircraft carrier with over 6000 sailors on board. How'd you like to sail on a cruise ship that big?

Legend has it...he was the last master of the SS France, now known as the Norway. If you believe it, Molly says he has skippered everything from schooners to superliners.

In addition to his avid love of the sea, he's a part time pilot for Island Airways, the cargo handling sea plane that puddle jumps between the islands.  The plane is just like the
"Hemisphere Dancer" owned by Jimmy Buffett.

You see, Dan is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett and the Beach Boys. Lots of their pictures and other memorabilia hang on the walls of the Dockside Cafe.
Molly's an artist of sorts. Drop by any day and you can peek over her shoulder as she completes pencil sketches and watercolors of her patrons. 

Molly loves to sail. She owns a 40 ft. Beauteau. Dan hates it. Says it's too small, prefers something the size of the Grand Princess. Her drawings are displayed behind the bar along with a quote or two from the subjects of her paintings.  A cruise critique in ten words or less. Sort of a momento of their visit left behind for everyone to enjoy.  She's also a great mixologist. Serves the best Margarita's and tropical concoctions around.

  Spend some time with Dan and he's likely to tell you of the time he got caught at sea during a hurricane and drifted way off course.

Got blown from Kokomo to Margaritaville in less than an hour! Of course, we know that couldn't happened.  You can't get from Kokomo to  Margaritaville in an hour. They're a thousand miles apart!

Both Dan and Molly have sailed on a number of cruise ships, large and small. From the Wind Song to the Wonder and everything in between. They've met thousands of people, just like you and me. Those that have a love for the ocean and the spirit of the sea. Dan's been known to have an answer for every question, even that too often asked question  " What time is the midnight buffet ?

You can sachet over to the bar or grab a vacant table at the Dockside Cafe, order your favorite libation and chat up a storm with Dan and Molly and their fellow travelers. You don't need a plane ticket or passage on the QE2...cause, right beside the bar there's an old IBM PS/2, as ancient and weather worn as Dan, hooked up to the Internet. Inter-Island Communications and Wireless guarantee's a connection every time or you get a cool rum swizzle at Dockside with their compliments.  User's have been known to intentionally pull the plug sort of speak, just to get a free drink!

You can travel on down to the Dockside Cafe and join your fellow travelers as they gaze out into the harbor, that today is full of fancy yachts, four mastered vessels, dozens of dinghies, a charter fishing boat and at last count, six cruise ships in port.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Dan and Molly are fictious characters, the alter ego's of some of our staff. Check back with us often as we introduce new characters and even a few of our real customers,  incognito of course, who's storied life and love for the sea makes for great conversation.


About Nautique

Nautique was named for a shipwreck that happened off the leeward side of the Island back in 1489. That's how the Island was discovered, by accident. ...and that's how many
people have come to live there as well. They just happen to stumble upon the place and shall we say, were awe struck by the islands beautiful green hills, pristine beaches, private coves, and idyllic year-round temperatures.

The tranquility and calm that surrounds Nautique is what lure's us to it.  Visitors don't come here to be "seen". On the contrary they dress anonymously in jeans, shorts and T-shirts, or whatever they want to wear while on their computer. Everyone has an e-mail address. No one will know who you really are.  They share with their fellow travelers the belief that a great cruise vacation means doing everything, or nothing -- but doing it up in style.

Stop by the Dockside cafe, chat for a while and take in the breathtaking panorama of the harbor, with its views of a turquoise bay full of visiting cruise ships surrounded by coconut palms, hibiscus and just beyond, a great blue sea.

Nautique is located halfway between your dreams and reality. Partway between here and there, and right now, just where you'd rather be.

Nautique is a fictious Island
A figment of our imagination


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