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Alaska Cruises: Princess Wilderness Lodges

Strategically located at Alaska’s legendary national parks, our wilderness lodges offer excellent rooms, authentic Alaskan dining experiences, and the same warm, welcoming service that you’ve come to expect on every Princess Cruises vacation.

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

Nestled in a prime location near the entrance to Denali National Park, this gorgeous lodge is the perfect starting point for your wilderness adventure.

Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge

Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge

On a bluff overlooking the largest national park, this lodge has a wall of windows featuring dramatic views of Wrangell-St. Elias.

Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

North America's tallest mountain provides a stunning backdrop to the picture-perfect setting for this wilderness retreat just south of Denali National Park.

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Top-notch salmon fishing is only steps away from this well-appointed lodge set in the mountains overlooking the beautiful Kenai River.

Princess Fairbanks Riverside Lodge

Princess Alaska Lodges
and Direct to the Wilderness Rail Service Brochure

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Alaska: More moments than buildings, more wildlife than people and more glaciers than stoplights. Alaska: it's amazingly different, with the tallest mountains, the largest area of national parklands, the highest concentration of glaciers and the longest coastline in the US. Alaska is a place of magnificence, but not beyond your reach.

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2013 Alaska Cruises From Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks or Seattle|

Princess Alaska Cruise Search   Alaska Cruises 2013: Top 25 Princess Alaska Cruises & Cruise Tours of 2012. 10 to 16 Day Princess Alaska Cruises And Alaska Cruise Tour

Experience the Thrill of an Alaska Vacation with Princess Cruises

There remain few places on earth where you can truly breathe. Where space is measured not in feet or miles, but in endless horizons. A place where nature is so powerful, so dramatic, a personal encounter can change you forever. This is Alaska. Our 2012 Alaska program offers travelers a full range of cruise and cruise tour options whether you want to explore Denali National Park in depth, plan independently, enjoy the attention of an expert guide, or venture off the beaten path to places like Copper River, Kenai or Prudhoe Bay.

"Thrill to white thunder in Glacier Bay, marvel at sunlight at midnight and close-ups of whales, eagles and caribou. Delight in Mt. McKinley's majesty and meadows carpeted with wildflowers. Amid unsurpassed grandeur and serenity, the true wilderness of Denali is calling."  Catch sight of a humpback whale or wolf pups frolicking in the snow. Alaska is as rustic and romantic as one could ever imagine. Whales, Wonders and Wilderness.

Alaska Cruisetours 2013: Everything you need to know about Discount Alaska Cruises And Alaska Cruise Tours from Princess Cruises

Denali National Park

See Denali National Park, Mt. McKinley and the wildlife of Alaska.            

Travel via scenic domed railcars; deluxe, restroom-equipped motor coaches; Overnight at deluxe “rustic” lodges; great wildlife and scenery only on an Alaska cruise tour can you experience all that Alaska has to offer. Denali National Park is located 240 miles north of Anchorage, and encompasses 6 million acres of forests, tundra, glaciers and mountains - that's larger than the entire state of Massachusetts. Yet only 90 miles of main road traverses the park, leaving the moose, caribou, sheep and bears free to roam a wide area of land untouched by man. Denali National Park has long been a place of refuge for those with the will to survive its rugged terrain. Indeed, only the strongest plants flourish in this world of sub-arctic wilderness. Species of mosses, lichens, fungi, algae, and others spangle the slopes and valleys of Denali. Deep pools of frost collect just beneath the park's surfaces, and only the thinnest sheen of topsoil thaws enough each year to stimulate new life. But the fragile nature of the region leads to continuous rebirth. New rivers can spurt up in days and flowers bloom just in time to serve as supper for hungry wildlife.


Welcome to a Summertime adventure with an ocean-inspired cruise and an exhilarating land tour of Alaska. Alaska...where Summertime memories last forever.







Alaska Cruise Vacations
Explore the rugged Inside Passage and breathtaking Gulf of Alaska, and marvel at spectacular marine life and dazzling glaciers from the vantage of a magnificent Princess cruise ship. Park rangers and Alaska experts come onboard to give you a deeper understanding of this special place.

Alaska Cruisetours
See even more on an Alaska land and sea vacation. Stay at Princess wilderness lodges and enjoy the benefits of our exclusive Direct-to-the-Wilderness rail service, giving you more time in the heart of Alaska. Best of all, Glacier Bay and Denali National Parks are on every cruise tour.


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When you plan your Alaskan vacation, plan to encounter a striking landscape, a place so expansive that it shelters more than six hundred-fifty species of flowering plants and thirty-seven mammal species. Do you envision your Alaskan tour to include a dizzying six million acres  filled with large caribou, moose, and grizzly bears, and offset with startlingly small flowers, miniaturized to suit Alaska's short growth season?

Of course we're talking about...

Denali National Park

The national parks of Alaska and the Yukon protect wilderness and wildlife habitats. Here are some of our favorites::

Denali National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Gates Of The Arctic

Kenai Fjords National Park


Alaska Cruise Only Search

Looking for an Alaska Cruisetour - a combination of a 7 day cruise and land tour? If so, go here.

Alaska Cruisetour Search

An Alaska Cruisetour - a combination of a 7 day cruise and land tour of 3 - 7 days I Details below

1. Denali Explorer & On Your Own Cruisetours

Our signature Denali Explorer cruisetours include up to four nights at our Princess wilderness lodges at Denali. Most tours include our exclusive Direct-to-the-Wilderness® rail service and all include the Natural History Tour into Denali National Park. ( Optional Tundra Wilderness Tour ) 

Find out More About These Cruisetours Here

On Your Own options have no scheduled activities so you can customize how you want to spend your free time.  3 days on land from just $299 more than a 7-day cruise!* With no scheduled sightseeing activities included, you’ll have the flexibility to create your own adventure with optional land excursions.

2. Off The Beaten Path Cruisetours

These cruisetours include key benefits of our Denali Explorer itineraries, plus visits to less-frequented regions like Copper River and Wrangell–St. Elias National Park, the Kenai Peninsula or Prudhoe Bay above the Arctic Circle.

Find out More About These Cruisetours Here

3. Connoisseur Escorted Cruisetours

These deluxe escorted cruisetours represent the highest level of service with a tour director on land and most meals included. They include up to four nights at a combination of both Mt. McKinley and Denali Princess wilderness lodges, with enhanced sightseeing experiences, such as the longer Tundra Wilderness Tour into Denali National Park. Plus, there are options to visit the Kenai Peninsula and Wrangell–St. Elias National Park.

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Personalized Pricing The rates you find for Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours may not reflect the lowest rate available!

Click Here for details on how to save even more!

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